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DJ Checklist

Wedding Ceremony Checklist


Providing audio for a wedding ceremony is one of the most stressful parts of mobile DJing. If you are not ready for this part of the job, then ask your manager to find someone else to do this part of the event. Your wireless mics must be top notch!


o Set up speakers where the sound will be projected in the area in which the wedding ceremony will take place, preferably behind the guests. Check lapel and handheld mics and insert new batteries (every time). Leave the mics on, but kill their volume on the mixer. Make note of the levels before turning them down.


Make contact with the Coordinator. If not already done, have the Bride designate a person to contact you and give you a signal as to when the Processional is to start. If you are playing at a facility that regularly hosts weddings, the contact person may be the banquet hall manager.


o Just prior to the actual Processional, the Bride may request a specific song to be played for the seating of the parents. This song is usually played five minutes prior to the starting of the ceremony. You should ask the person in charge to give you “the signal” when the parents are ready to be seated, and start this designated song when directed to do so.


There may be a specific song used for the Processional for the bridesmaids, and then a separate song for just the Bride and her escort (usually her father). You will have all of these on one CD or iPod, in order, in advance of the event.


For definition purposes, the Processional is the “Here Comes the Bride” melody, and is played when the Bride is coming down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony. You should note that it is not uncommon for the Bride to select some other song to play as the processional song.


The Recessional is the song used when the Bride & Groom come back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.

Reception Checklist


A good idea would be to have a copy of this checklist in your gig bag. Maybe even get it laminated so that you can check it off with a wipe-off marker before and during each show.




Before unloading equipment, verify that you are in the correct room and then seek out the easiest method of load-in.


o Introduce yourself to the banquet captain. Go ahead and give them a business card.


o Verify set up location in room with banquet captain.


o Set up and test sound system.


o Replace batteries in microphone.


o Tape down all cords with gaff tape.


o Make sure business cards are displayed.


o View equipment from all guest angles. Make sure your area is spotless and neat.


o Be tested, dressed, and ready to perform 30 minutes prior to guests’ arrival.


Prior to Guest Arrival


Go over agenda with catering manager, banquet captain, and/or wedding planner.


o Cue all special music - Grand Entrance, First Dance, Parents’ Dances and formalities.


o Pull any specific high-priority requests into cue / prepare folder. o Listen to each “key” song, and have backup version ready.




o Check volume of music as room fills with guests. Walk the room to get guest perspectives.


o Watch for photographer and videographer. Give them agenda sheets and go over procedure for entrance, toasts, cake, bouquet, garter, spotlight dance, etc. Find out if either is taking the couple away for more pictures.


o Decide on location for toasts.


o Locate person giving blessing and instruct on timing and use of microphone.


Grand Entrance


o Verify with banquet manager that food is ready to go, or find out what time it will be, and inform Bride and Groom as to their instructions.


o Greet wedding party outside or in lobby. Have appetizers and/or drinks ready for them (I like this idea!)


o Verify all pronunciation and order of wedding party (this should be done in advance with the Bride or Groom).


o Instruct wedding party on route to dance floor or head table, and energy level anticipated.


o Instruct Bride and/or Groom on use of microphone if they are welcoming guests.


o Instruct parents as to their introductions and if they are supposed to do a welcome.


o Make sure videographer and photographer are in place and ready before beginning. Tell them what door the wedding party will enter. o Make sure you have everyone’s attention before beginning introductions.





Coordinate release of guest tables through buffet stations / line if necessary.


o Instruct each speaker on proper use of the microphone, and remind them to end with raising the glass, then “Cheers,” etc.


o Check cake table for knife, plate, napkin, and champagne flutes.


o Locate throwing bouquet.


o Instruct parents on when their dances are.



Make sure everyone who is giving a toast is aware of the order and is in place.


o Verify all champagne glasses, especially the couple’s, are full and in place.


o Verify that all parents are in room, even if they are not toasting.


o Verify that photographer and videographer are ready and in place.


o Double check microphone battery.


o Bring newlyweds to the toasting area.




Have Cake Cutting music cued and ready.


Verify photographer and videographer are in place.


Tell couple the next activity.


Direct attention to cake table.


Announce cake cutting.


First Dance



Visually confirm that all VIPs are in the room.


Confirm photographer and videographer are ready.


Announce first dance with flair.


Invite others to join if requested by the couple.


Parent Dances


Visually confirm that all VIPs are present.


o With flair, announce dance.


Invite others to join if requested.


Open Dancing


Enthusiastically invite guests to dance floor.


Check volume level from all around the room at frequent intervals.




Get Bride’s throwing bouquet.


Find out photographer’s preference for fake count. Bring out single women/ladies.


Play their preferred song.


Check for obstacles for toss.


Inform Bride of count sequence.


Countdown to toss.



Bring out chair for Bride, have her sit.


Bring out single men.


Inform Groom again of count sequence, and remind him to wait for your cue.


o Music played.


o Removal of garter (Shut up).


o Countdown to toss


Money Dance


o Talk to Best Man & Maid of Honor and explain their roles.


Make sure all VIPs and videographer are present.


SLOWLY explain dance to the guests, and have the couple begin.


Countdown time for guests.


Thank guests on behalf of the couple.


Last Song / Exit


o Tell the couple it’s about to end.


Announce last song to all guests.


Direct guests where to go if formal exit planned.


End of Night



Personally congratulate and thank everyone.


Make sure balance has been paid.


Completely clean entire DJ area.


Leave no trace of our setup.


Thank staff at facility.


Things To Do As A DJ Make sure you have:



Extra gaff tape

Extra batteries

Working pens

Updated playlists


After the event:

Email contact person after event to say Thank You!

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